General Rules and Regulations

  1. Present the University ID to the Entrance Attendant for proper identification and barcode scanning. NO ID means NO ENTRY.
  2. For security reasons, bags and other belongings must be deposited in the deposit counter.
  3. Readers are required to present their I.D. every time they borrow books, especially materials that are on the closed-shelf.
  4. Readers shall not write on, mark, mutilate pages and in any way damage any material and other facilities belonging to the Library.
  5. Readers are required to leave the books on the table after using for purposes of utilization report.
  6. Readers shall observe proper decorum at all times.
  7. Readers shall also observe cleanliness within the library premises.
  8. Eating and smoking shall be strictly prohibited within the library premises.
  9. Readers shall push the chairs against the table after using.
  10. Upon leaving the library, users shall be requested to present their carried belongings to the Exit Attendant for inspection.