Vision Statement

The University Library is geared towards a responsible and excellent service as a dynamic support unit in the attainment of the goals and objectives of the Mindanao State University,General Santos.  

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the MSU-General Santos Library to support the needs of the students and the community by providing efficient and effective service delivery with utmost professionalism.


  • To develop and manage the collections that are relevant to curricular offering of the school.
  • To organize for use, store and preserve information in any format to support the instructional and research activities.
  • To provide reference and information services to meet the information needs of the library clientele.
  • To provide access to information through printed and electronic resources.
  • To increase the level of funding available in the library by participating in fund raising and grant-seeking activities.
  • To employ, develop and retain qualified and service-oriented staff who are capable individually and collectively of achieving the goals and objectives.


The basic objective of the MSU-GSC Library is to play its full part in supporting the instructional program of the university:
  • To secure, organize and service books, periodicals, documents and other non-print materials used in the instructional and research program of the institutions;
  • To provide the physical facilities and equipment that will make possible the most effective use of the library resources;
  • To instruct the clientele in the effective and judicious use of the library;
  • ¬†To encourage the students to develop the habit of self-education in order that books and libraries may contribute to their intellectual development in future years;
  • To encourage extracurricular¬† use of library materials;
  • To assist and cooperate with faculty member in their instructional and research program;
  • To cooperate with other libraries in the community and in the country at large for purposes of inter-library cooperative endeavors